But no one had previously used them in a such a “seven-layer-cake profusion”.
— James Naremore

HTML5 Responsive Web Design

Consider responsive Web design as an one-for-all solution. This “all” means not only all screen resolutions but also all screen directions and operation systems. We can implement our design on PC, Mac, mobile phones, tablets, and even Kindles or other equipments.

It is too wasteful to make an isolated mobile website!

And we also optimize our code to make sure our design is perfect for every screen, improve your user experience. Make every line of code and every picture on the website optimized to accelerate every page. Then you website will be easy to be spread and you will be ahead of the rest in your industry.

For above all, it only takes one website’s cost.

Responsive Web design - JennyStudio

Link with Wechat Public Account / Share Pages in Wechat

WeChat is so popular in China. Is it necessary to build a separated website in WeChat?

On PC, you can scan the QR code on the right-bottom of every page with your Wechat, then share the current page to your friends or your Moments.

If you have your own WeChat official account, the websites we created can be deployed into your WeChat official account. You can link any page with a sub menu, or provide service with your website from a custom link in your WeChat official account. Also, we do a lot extra work to optimize UE for WeChat site, to make everything perfect on your website.

Scan the QR code to share your webpage - JennyStudio

Display all the content in your WeChat Mini Program

The website we created can share all the content with your WeChat Mini Program. You can update the content on your website together with your WeChat Mini Program.

1 back-end, 2 front-ends. Everything is Synchronous. And your Website visitors can login to your site by their WeChat account to use all the functionalities.

微信小程序联通网站数据 - JennyStudio


We help you start your SEO works.

The framework we are using is very friendly to all the search engines. And we also use the best SEO plugin to help your website have great performance to search engines. We optimize every page, make sure the search engines are not missing anything on your site.

SEO - JennyStudio

Visual design

Logos, packaging, posters, manuals, or full set of VI.

We are very committed to design!
Come to us, you will be classy!

平面设计 - JennyStudio

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